Slideshare for Nursing Homes?

When I first think of a nursing home the idea of Happy Gilmore comes to mind.  Shipping Granny off to a facility run by mean overbearing people who take advantage of their old age.  This couldn’t be further from the truth for most.  The question is what does this have to do with

It was at that I recently came across a piece about Assisted Living by Jason Geschwind.  He laid out their services through a couple of slides and it is then that I actually thought about the fact that assisted living facilities are businesses like any other.  The rely on things like the internet to educate and attract new clients.  This is important because if you aren’t growing you are dying.

So once I started thinking about this my ADD kicked in and I started looking at other ways that this company was marketing online and I noticed Jason Geschwind had another site that also does some PR and marketing for him and the work he does.  This was pretty amazing and made me realize that this site could be considered marketing if I knew anything about it.  Now days people are becoming their own brands and pushing themselves to the masses on the internet.  Some are turning this into a real big deal like the kids that are making millions on youtube.  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G if you ask me.  Who would have thought 20 years ago when I was graduating that I would be talking about this while writing on my own blog?  Crazy.

Until next time here is a one of those toy review kids from youtube making tons of money!

Here is a cool find in Savage, MN

Savage, MN has fewer than 30 thousand people but it is an up and coming suburb in the south metro of Minneapolis.  In fact, one of the largest and fastest growing Minnesota chiropractic offices recently relocated there.

When you are looking for a local chiropractor there are many factors you should evaluate before making a decision.  First, do a google search and see if they have any reviews or complaints.  While one or two people may have a complaint (some people just cannot be satisfied and have to find something to complain about- you know someone like this don’t you?) If there is a common negative thread you may want to consider not choosing them.

Another way to choose is to find someone who has gone to several different chiropractors and see who they recommend.  While they are obviously not trained in medicine or chiropractic (or maybe they are) they will have insight into the way the staff works and treats patients overall.

It is important that you feel comfortable in the surroundings.  Make sure you do.

Next you ought to set up a time to meet one of the doctors- that is when you will get to really get a feel for the practice.  I hope this helps.


Hail in the South Metro

So late Wednesday night we got more hail.  This is good for the local economy but it means that my garage door needs to be replaced and either way it is going to cost me a $1000 home insurance deductible.  While this sucks- I try to look on the bright side as I get a new garage door out of the deal.

I was a little shocked when I saw it.  I didn’t realize that it would be an issue until I got back from work yesterday and saw the damage to the door.  It would surprise you.Garage HailSo last night I hit the computer and binged Garage door repair service in Minneapolis

It turns out they had a ton of calls and were over in the neighborhood and got me squared away right away.

Hopefully this is the only hail we will see this summer- unless they want to total my car.  I could go for a new one.

Haha- until the next interesting thing in my life occurs- later.